1. Complete and hand in the application form, together with the required documents and accompanied by the non-refundable application fee payable to Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education.

2. Your application will be processed by the Saint Martin's Admissions and Advisory Board. Students applying for the Degree Programmes will be guided to apply formally with the University of London for the Programme of their choice. Kindly note that independent application and registration fees are stipulated by the University of London.

Offers for Degree Programmes are only issued by the University of London. Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education does not have any jurisdiction in this decision. Students who applied for Degree Programmes, but do not have adequate qualifications, will be offered to start at Diploma level leading to the Degree of their choice. Applicants interested in Diploma Programmes will be admitted by the Saint Martin's Admissions and Advisory Board upon the minimum entry requirements.

3. You will be required to complete the Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education registration form. In order to secure your place as a student in the programme of your choice, this must be accompanied by a one-time non-returnable registration fee payable to Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education. Registration to our classes is on a first-come, first-served basis, and late applications will ONLY be accepted if vacancies are available.

Please note the following:

Do not delay - often we can begin to consider your application without all the evidence, although we will not be able to give you a final decision on your application until all the necessary documentation has been received and inspected to our satisfaction.

We cannot tell you whether you are eligible until your form, application fee and all the required documentation have been received.

The application fee must be submitted with the application form. Do not send them separately. Kindly note that this fee cannot be refunded.

Once a student is accepted into a programme, it is important to follow all e-mail circulars in order to verify that all registration for Saint Martin's, University of London and examinations are settled in good time. Students will be guided accordingly on how to proceed in such matters.

Scholarships and Grants

A variety of scholarships and benefit schemes are offered to accepted students.

This section will be updated when new schemes are implemented for the new scholastic year beginning in September.

Please note that not all schemes are offered to non-EU students, and are granted on an individual assessment of the student.

Qualifications required

Often a prospective student does not believe they have adequate qualifications to be accepted. We assure you that all qualifications will be carefully considered before an official decision is taken, and it is important to include all relevant information in your application, including work experience.

Qualifications for different courses vary considerably. Entry requirements for each specific course can be found on the respective course page on this website under the Departments section. Further information can be found at here.

Finding the Right Course

Choosing a degree to dedicate three or more years of your life to, can be a daunting task. It is a decision which affects many aspects of your life and it is important to remember that education is an investment in yourself. Although this personal investment aspect of education may not be so apparent at primary level, this is exactly what tertiary level education is for. Keep in mind your strengths, goals for your future career, as well as the skills you want to develop.

Choosing a degree involves thinking of the long-term outcomes, and the right degree will allow you to be more critical and analytical, as well as develop your problem- solving skills. Such attributes make you more employable, and in turn you will become more fulfilled and accomplished.

The University of London International Programmes has put together an article outlining aspects one can take into consideration before settling into a career path.

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

In certain circumstances, it may be possible for students to skip particular courses if it can be proved that students have already obtained qualifications in the same area. During the application process, it is vital to mention any such qualifications and we will be able to guide you accordingly. This does not automatically mean that you will be eligible for APL. Further details can be found here.

Applicable financial schemes)

Malta Government Scholarship Scheme (MGSS) Applies to full-time students only

For each year of full-time study, students receive a fixed rate of ?755 between 1st October and 30th June. A one time grant of ?466 is also awarded through a card scheme in the first year to cover educational material & equipment.

Get Qualified

Applies to both part-time and full-time students reading for the following programmes:

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance
BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance
BSc (Hons) Economics & Management
Diploma in Economics
Diploma in Social Sciences
BSc (Hons) Creative Computing
BSc (Hons) Computing & IS
BSc (Hons) IS & Management
Diploma in Creative Computing
Diploma in Computing & IS

How you can benefit

The scope of this incentive is to support the personal development of individuals who aim to achieve qualifications and certifications required by industry. The incentive is applicable to students who finance their own studies, following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. On successful completion of the programme, the student will benefit from a tax credit, hence recovering part of the costs incurred. Details of Incentive The tax credit granted to successful students will be of 70% of the eligible costs, yet the maximum value of tax credits will be capped in relation to the MQC level of the qualification.

Eligible costs

Registration, tuition and examination fees are all eligible for tax credits.