For Parents

At Saint Martin's Institute, we know that successfully completing a programme at university level can be a challenging experience. We recognise that parents and family provide invaluable support to students throughout their studies, and we in turn wish to support them.

We are always interested in what parents have to say. In effect, parents and guardians are welcome to all open days and similar events, and are always open to voice their concerns with us.

We aim to provide a holistic learning environment for our students and want families to have an informed opinion of their adolescents' education, in order to guide them in the most fulfilling direction. In doing so, we wish to assure not only students but also the families, of our level of commitment towards these aims.

Being part of the international programmes opens the door to a global community of a variety of individuals. Becoming immersed in this community opens up your student to all sorts of different mind-sets. This in turn allows your son or daughter to grow, not only academically but universally.

We know that as parents, you only want the best for your child, no matter their age. Obtaining a world class qualification from the University of London, will only improve their chances as their career progresses, as well as being a rewarding experience throughout.

Being an international institute, we understand that sending your children to a foreign country may cause some apprehension, but rest assured that Malta's reputation as a safe country is well deserved. Personal attention is guaranteed at our small institute and if your student is running into trouble during the course, we are sure to be on the lookout and do our best to help. In addition, a student counsellor is always available to aid students with any problems they wish to discuss.