International Students

Living in Malta

Malta's sunny climate, friendly people and rich history has attracted thousands of international students to Malta to study English every year. A number of these students are choosing Saint Martin's Institute to read for their qualifications offered through the University of London, rather than go back to their home country. This augurs well for the future of the Institute, and the University of London International Programmes.

International students can rest assured that they will be given personal attention from the first day they join our programme. Intensive English courses will also be given to students who come from non-English speaking countries. English is an official language in Malta, and is spoken by practically everyone. This means improving your English skills will be a breeze, and English speakers will have no trouble communicating around the island.

The Institute does not provide its own accommodation, although there are many reasonably priced places to reside in. Malta's small size means that your destination is always close by, no matter where you are staying. Buses run relatively frequently throughout the island, particularly in the town of Hamrun, where Saint Martin's Institute is situated. Hamrun is very close to the capital city of Valletta, where the main bus terminus of the island is located. There are cafeterias on campus, as well as various inexpensive local confectioneries, grocery stores, cafes and fast food outlets in the area. Malta's climate is often regarded as one of the best in the world; with warm summers and mild winters, you are sure to enjoy your study experience here. Malta provides easy access to any European destination and its reputation as a safe country with a comfortable environment is well deserved. That being said, it is vital to use your common sense whatever country you are in, by looking after your valuables and avoiding certain areas, particularly at night.

Legal Information


Malta is a member of the European Union, the Eurozone and part of the Schengen area. Students from EU member states are able to study across other EU member states as if they are nationals of the host nation. They do not require an entry visa but do need to apply for a residency permit when residing in Malta for a year or more. You can find more detailed information on the subject on the official EU website here.


Non-EU nationals wishing to study at Saint Martin's may require entry visas depending on the student's nationality. Living in Malta for over 3 months will require the student to obtain a resident's permit. More comprehensive information can be found here.