As a student of University of London and Saint Martin's Institute, you will be given access to our moodle, intranet and the University of London Virtual Learning Environment. You will be given an SMI email address and a student number, known as an SM number, which can be found in our intranet once you have been enrolled successfully. The intranet will also give students access to our library. From there, one can virtually browse through all the titles and reference material. Access to all of these online portals can be found here

On Campus

Our fully air-conditioned buildings are equipped with a library, internet café, cafeteria, classrooms with Smart Boards, and five computer labs - all featuring the necessary programmes you need to make the most out of your course.

A fully equipped library is located on the top floors of the state of the art New Building. Books can be borrowed although certain sections are reference only.

Lecture-based tuition is held for all modules at all stages of the course. Tutorials are also held regularly in order to revise topics throughout the year. This is only not the case for distance learning courses, although in certain circumstances, occasional lectures are held at the institute for such courses.

Saint Martin's Institute is responsible for issues of local concern and student support. Any issues you may have which directly concern the University of London, such as examination registration, should be directed towards University of London itself.

International Partners

Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education continuously seeks to further its collaborative ties around the world.

We would like to work with international institutions, agents and organisations to provide opportunities to our students in relation to undergraduate and postgraduate studies. We are happy to assist our students to gain a myriad of experience during their time at Saint Martin's. We are also ready to help with advising students and with regards to programmes, admission procedure, deadlines, visa arrangements, travel, accommodation and other details etc.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Joyce Ying ( for further assistance.

Procedural Information

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